How to Attract Women

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“How to Attract Women”


Can any man really learn how to attract women?

You hear me talk about “Attraction” a lot.

There’s good reason for this, guys think of “attraction” different than women and many men don’t understand it at all.

Therefore the vast majority of men literally don’t know how to attract women.

I want to bring this up because some time ago I began noticing women using the word a lot. They would say something along the lines of , “I just wasn’t attracted to him.” What does this mean? Think about it for a second, guys don’t really talk like this. They usually say something like, “She’s hot man.” Rarely will you hear a straight man say, “Eh, I just wasn’t attracted to her.”

I challenge you to ask a few women, What does attraction mean? Then ask a few men the same thing and notice the difference. What am I getting at here? If you want to “attract women” then you need to know how attraction works, for women it’s different.

Let go of what you THINK you know.
How to Attract Women
Tired of being this guy?


I consider myself a reasonably intelligent and smart dude. I find it rather ironic how long it took me to figure out how attraction works, I mean it took YEARS to figure out how to attract women!

Let me give you a few examples. I used to THINK that I needed to be really nice to women, have lots of money, and wear really nice expensive clothes. Seems logical right?

Seems like a woman would like a really nice guy with money and a good wardrobe right?

Well, I was a very nice guy. I did whatever women wanted, if she was having a problem, I was there to accommodate her…. I accepted her bitchy and flaky behavior. I put up with a lot of bullshit and it always got me the same result.


I spent money on them. NOTHING.

I was nice to them. NOTHING.

I did what they wanted. NOTHNG.

I kept doing what seemed like women wanted but they never liked me like that. “That” being they weren’t sexually attracted to me. The thought of a woman being sexually attracted to me didn’t even seem like a real possibility. I felt that no matter what, there was nothing I could do to learn how to attract women.

Again, what I THOUGHT I knew was wrong…

Here’s another big one, I THOUGHT women were attracted to men the same way I was attracted to women.

We all know, most men are attracted to women based on looks and physical characteristics. If she’s smokin hot, you get an instant woody and want in on the action. I figured I didn’t have the looks so something must be wrong with me. I kept trying to be nice in order to make up for the fact that I didn’t look like an underwear model.  I thought the secrets for knowing how to attract women came first with being really handsome or extremely rich.

Seemed logical at the time. I had nearly given up but I had began to study human psychology, sexuality, and the differences between men and women. I began applying this to my dating life and studying friends I had that seemed to have it figured out.

The light bulb went off.

You see, science has proven the fact that women are more emotional creatures then men. Go read “The Female Brain” by Louann Brizendine or just ask anyone you know if women are more emotional then men. We already know this. Most men get turned off by this or weirded out. I personally think it’s awesome and dove right in. It had been sitting right in front of me my whole life. I couldn’t believe it. How could I possibly think that women thought about attraction the same way men do? They don’t.

This was the first step for learning how to attract women.

Here’s the bottom line.

Men are attracted to how she looks, women are attracted by how he makes her feel.

For men, it’s mostly physically based and for her it’s EMOTIONALLY based. Remember what we just realized? Women are more emotional than men.

The next common mistake is that men think that making her feel good involves being extra nice, doing what she wants, and putting up with her bitchy or manipulative behavior.

That is NOT how to attract women, as you may frustratingly know already…

While this might make her feel comfortable and good, it doesn’t make her feel sexual attraction.It makes her feel like she has a good friend or a brother.

After studying social psychology and female sexuality for a number of years, the other important thing to realize is this. Sexual attraction happens fast, just like all other emotions. It’s not logically decided. It would be ridiculous to say that good looks, money and nice clothes don’t help because they do. They just aren’t the most important factors in attracting women, they’re icing on the cake.

The real difference between men who are good with women and men who aren’t, is that men who attract women know how to make a woman feel this powerful emotion on a sexual level. Men who are good with women trigger emotionally based primal sexual attraction within.

This is also the reason why any man can can LEARN and improve his sexual attraction capabilities. Literally any man can learn how to emotionally attract women and dramatically improve his success rate.

It took me years to figure this out but if the old me could see me now he wouldn’t believe it. I want to teach you more specific and exact methods for emotionally attracting women on a sexual level so that she can’t control it.

How to Attract Women

I want to teach you exactly what it takes so that you can trigger this emotional attraction within women FAST. I want to teach you this so that you never end up in the “friend zone” ever again.

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